Solutions and Services for all your Technology Needs

Technology Selection & Strategy

Navigating through the many technology decisions that businesses face when solving business problems is difficult at best. Picking the wrong strategy can be expensive, and can put you at a significant disadvantage in today's fast paced market. Carolina Business Consulting can help you make those decisions by drawing on years of experience in engineering, manufacturing, financial services, consulting, real estate, and hospitality management.

Software Design & Development

Custom software design and development (including web applications and websites) is the cornerstone of Carolina Business Consulting's practice. We offer full life cycle management for custom software development from the initial feasibility analysis through design and development and into long-term support of implemented systems.

Web Applications and Websites

Our web development efforts feature a comprehensive approach for developing and furthering your brand on the Internet. Before we ever start development, we look at WHY you are creating (or updating) your website. We then create a strategy to create the best branded website possible; drive traffic to your site; and measure the effectiveness using proven analytics.

Database Design & Development

Your business data is the key to obtaining — and maintaining — profitability. Whether it is the financial data that provides a clear picture of the health of an organization, or the customer data that allows a company to beat the competition in customer service; having reliable, safe, accessible data can make or break a company. Carolina Business Consulting can design a database system to provide for your current needs while allowing for future growth and flexibility.

Vendor Relationship Management

Carolina Business Consulting doesn't have the in-house personnel to handle every technological need. We'll be the first to acknowledge that and we'll never try to sell you something we don't have the expertise to deliver (for example, we don't sell hardware or networking infrastructure equipment). What we DO have is the technical background and project management expertise to understand those technologies and deal on your behalf with other vendors. Let us be your liason between the business and technology.

Individualized Technology Training

Our training program is geared towards individualized one-on-one or small group training sessions. We don't base our training on any canned curriculum, but instead will create a customized training session based on your needs. Training on custom software that we develop is included as a part of the software delivery.